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Reading Stories All Day

A Lot of Great Fantasy Stories…

Today (Tuesday) is the last day of the Fantasy Study Along workshop that has been going on since Friday. Lots and lots of great fantasy stories in the three assignments. I have no doubt we will see a bunch of those in major magazines in the next year or two.

Kris and I both read for long periods today, and it is now 2 am and I am just finished reading. And doing all the weekly regular assignments, like the Covers 101 workshop that is new this month.

I still have stories to read for the Special Space Opera workshop, but those will have to wait a day or two to let my eye rest some.

So it was great fun. I wish a group of writers could have been here in our new office, but for now it was only online. Maybe a year from now, if we are all lucky to survive 2020.

Now off to rest.