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Last 20 Hours!!

Thank you, Everyone!…

North By Northwest Kickstarter…

Where you can get discounted workshops and lectures or give books to your local library or school system anywhere in the country.

REMEMBER…  if you get a regular workshop through the Kickstarter, you also get a classic workshop for free. $450 value for only $250. (And yes, you can get more than one. Get as many as you want, actually. Just increase the pledge by $250 per workshop.)

And you can also get a discounted lifetime subscription to all of the WMG Lectures now available and any new ones coming.

But what I love about this project is the ability to help out your local school or library. I just think that is cool!

Or get a bunch of nifty books for yourself. That ain’t bad either.

So just 20 hours left!! Don’t miss this one. Check it out right here…

And tomorrow night I’ll be back to regular posts. But just had to do this Kickstarter countdown for the last few days because I think this Kickstarter might be the coolest one we have done so far.

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