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Got To Be Quick Again Tonight

First Things First…

I want to thank everyone who supported our North by Northwest Bookstore Kickstarter. Wonderful success and we are already started on the remodeling. It will take a few weeks for Kickstarter to do its thing, then we will send out surveys to all the wonderful backers.

If you backed a workshop, and would like to take one in March, write me.

Thank you, everyone!


This weekend I will be sending out the information to those signed up on the March regular workshops. All workshops have openings.

Sign up directly through Teachable or if you have a credit, write me.

Class #25… Mar 6th … Depth #3: Research
Class #26… Mar 6th … Author Voice
Class #27… Mar 6th … (empty slot)
Class #28… Mar 6th … Writing into the Dark
Class #29… Mar 6th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #30… Mar 6th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #31… Mar 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #32… Mar 7th …(empty slot)
Class #33… Mar 7th … Cliffhangers
Class #34… Mar 7th … Pacing Your Novel
Class #35… Mar 7th … Novel Structure
Class #36… Mar 7th … Writing Fantasy



March 15-18th

— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— Making a Living in 2018/19 With Your Fiction
— Controlling Fear of Failure

Sign up directly through Teachable. When a class reaches five writers, it will no longer show as available.


Now back to the final few stories for the anthology workshop. Yeah, I know I should have had them done long before now. (grin)


  • Philip

    I feel like a kid before Christmas with the Depth workshop starting next week! Even though I already owned the Kindle Edition, I actually ordered a paper copy of Writing Into the Dark to re-read and get warmed up.

    • Céline Malgen

      Enjoy the Depth workshop, Philip! It is at the core of pretty much all the craft workshops Dean and Kris teach, and it should improve quite drastically your writing.

      • Kenny

        I agree, enjoy it!

        My friends were surprised how much my writing improved with just that one workshop.

      • Philip

        Thanks, Celine! This is probably bad to admit, but I’ve stopped all writing until I finish the Depth workshop.