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Kickstarter Workshops

Some Great Deals On Kickstarter…

Yes, we have put some great offers as Kickstarter rewards for workshops and lectures and things to do with writers learning craft and business. But I wanted to be clear here for a moment because of three questions over the last two days.

The workshops on Kickstarter are basically credits toward anything on Teachable (including lifetime subscriptions) or toward the fees for Las Vegas Workshops.

Let me run down the workshop and lecture rewards and show you exactly what I mean.

— $40 pledge toward a lecture is basically a $50 credit.

— $100 Writer’s Special not only includes the books and the chance to write for Fiction River or Pulphouse in late January, but a $50 credit.

— Back to School pledge for $250 gets you $300 in credit.

— Back to School X 3 pledge for $750 gets you $900 credit.

— $1,000 pledge gets you $1,250 credit (just as it says).

And remember, as add-ons, you can do as many of these as you want. So a great way to save some money.

(And yes, the credit is good for Pop-Ups and whatever you want. And everyone is already getting a free lecture because of the stretch goal, so that is already a $50 credit if you want to use it that way.)

Of course, don’t forget the amazing reading available because with every pledge, you get a subscription of some sort to Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.


So don’t delay, grab some deals on workshops, lectures, pop-ups, and so much more.