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Kickstarter Update and New!

All Starter Kit Rewards Going Out…

Tomorrow (Wednesday). If you do not have everything by Thursday and you have checked your spam filter (a lot of links in some of these rewards), then contact WMG or me and I will put you in contact with WMG Publishing to help you out.

That was a fun small campaign and I really appreciate the support on it.

But now, coming up on Thursday, a bigger and longer campaign with the brand new Cold Poker Gang novel CASE CARD. Kickstarter will fire up at noon on Thursday. And with it is a brand new Cold Poker Gang Collection called ACTION.

ACTION collection will also have the short story in it that started CASE CARD, so you can see how really different they are and writers get some ideas on how you take a short story into a novel.

And besides lots of great reading,  two fantastic special workshops for writers that can only be taken through Kickstarter. They will never be on Teachable or in any of the subscriptions. Ever.


This is a special three-week workshop on creating and writing cold case mysteries. They are amazingly fun to write, but there are numbers of techniques that go into doing them well. That’s what this class is all about.
And you will write a cold case mystery short story as the final assignment.
This special workshop will only be offered through this Kickstarter. Plus you get the new CASE CARD novel.


This is a special three-week workshop on how to write and understand how to create mystery plots not only using the modern techniques of crime labs, but how and why and when detectives use them. Can a perfect crime exist in this modern world? That’s what this class is all about.
And you will write a mystery short story as the final assignment that depends on modern science techniques.
This special workshop will only be offered through this Kickstarter. Plus you get the new CASE CARD novel.
And wait until you see the nifty stretch goals Kris and I have come up with for this campaign.
You can sign up on the CASE CARD promotions page which will notify you when we launch on Thursday at noon.



    • dwsmith

      Everything is out on lectures and rewards except for the stretch goal Pop-Ups for the Colliding Fantasy campaign in January and we hope to have those out by next week. If you think you missed something, write me directly and we’ll get it worked out. Also, I think the big Colliding Fantasy hardbacks are still in the shipping process but everyone will get them in April as promised.

      • Linda Niehoff

        I think there are still some from the Pulphouse Kickstarter that haven’t been put out (I’m not seeing them on Teachable yet anyway). Small Idea into a Short Story, Change the Setting to Change Your Story, Write the Same Idea in Multiple Genres etc. Are those still forthcoming? I’m excited for all of the ones coming out but especially those 🙂

        • dwsmith

          Yup, and all the collections as well. We have been saving them to send out ahead of some major changes (all good) in Pulphouse, caused by me losing my eyesight and having to wait to get it back. At the moment the last issue of Pulpuouse was the December one. We hope to return at full force and with some great changes in June, so those will be out ahead of that announcement and Kickstarter campaign. Actually planned, unlike me being behind on the Fantasies Collide extra classes. Hoping for next week on those.

  • Connor Whiteley

    Hi Dean,
    Looking forward to this one. Just curious though, why are you launching on Thursday and not a Tuesday?

    I know you always fund within an hour so you don’t necessarily need the extra boost and visibility through Kickstarter busiest times of the week, but just interested in knowing if there was another reason.

    Thanks in advance.

    • dwsmith

      No reason other than we are doing experiments. This one will end on Friday as well just to see. Also, last one we tried a few things, including only being 9 days. Just trying things because we can. (grin)

  • Britt Malka

    That sounds interesting. Would love to read your next Cold Poker Gang.

    Do you have any estimated release times for the stretch goals from:

    * Fantasies Collide and
    * The New Diving Novel?

    I just finished today’s writing. A bit late today because I was slow, but gosh, I love your challenge and how it gets me focused on writing. I’m having fun!