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Kickstarter Campaign

Only Six Days Left!

Yup, we did this small campaign and set it for just nine days. As many of you know, we did two medium-sized campaigns in January and February, and we had to push back another medium-sized campaign for a scheduling reason. And we had always wanted to try a small campaign, and this one seemed perfect for a short turn in the mix.

Since because of my eye issues (90% cleared) I have not finished a new book in the last four months, and almost no one knows about all my writing in the first place. So we figured a small campaign like this would at least make viewers of this blog aware that I do write a lot of series. And maybe even interested enough to grab all the stories in a series.

We set it up like a medium-sized campaign, with a wide focus and a ton of rewards. But we only brought into the mix workshops that have been recorded and that people might have missed from earlier campaigns (sort of like my different series. (grin))

We funded faster than I thought it would, got a “Project We Love” designation from Kickstarter, and then it stopped for two days, which is a standard thing small campaigns do. It is called by writers a “dead zone” from day three until right before the last day.

As we intended if that happened, we adjusted the stretch rewards from medium to small, but pretty much left everything in the medium-sized format. (The dialog stretch rewards will come back for a future medium-sized campaign, such as Kris’s wonderful new Fey novel, or the new Diving novel I am enjoying right now. Or maybe even a new novel from me. No worries about those lectures.)

Why did we consider this small? Because it has no focus, nothing new to direct attention at, nothing extra that is nifty. Kickstarter Campaigns for fiction tend to break down into three major areas. Small, medium, and huge. Small is from $500 to $10,000 for books and usually focuses on a new product by a writer still building a following. Medium is $10,000 to $50,000 for books, usually focused on a new product by authors with a large following. Huge is above that. Brandon’s campaigns are “Seriously?” (grin)

So I really hope that since you read this blog, in the next six days you might check the Dean Wesley Smith Starter Kit Kickstarter and maybe sample one of my series. All backers get the Starter Kit of the first books in ten of my series. So if there is a workshop or two you missed from before, grab it now and get the Starter Kit as well. I don’t see this bringing old workshops forward happening again any time soon.