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Got Up Very Early…

Halfway Through My Night, Actually…

To go with Kris as she ran, biked, and swam in a Reverse Triathlon. She started off with a 5K run, then did 10K on a bike, and then 300 yards of swimming. I was her support staff, to hold her stuff, get her water and such and help her through the transitions.

She completed it and did fantastic! She is flat amazing. Read her post on Facebook about how life conspired against her on the training and she still showed up and finished.

I often get questions about what it takes to become a long-term, full-time fiction writer. My answer is never quit, and when you do fall down, get back up and keep going.  My answer is also get everyone out of your writing and your work and keep learning.

Kris today showed one of the many reasons she is a long-term writer. She just goes after something and even though things were not ideal, she didn’t quit. And she finished what she started.

She ran with kids a third of her age, at least those that bothered to show up. It was an amazing day.

So folks, if you have a desire to be a long-term fiction writer, show up, finish everything, and keep learning. And make that a habit of your life as well. Just a suggestion.


  • Chris

    Truly inspirational. Both of you. I also really appreciate the way you both combine physical activity with prolific writing. So important.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Congratulations to Kris! I like the idea of a reverse Triathlon a lot! It sounds a lot tidier, and you hit to water once you’re already hot and sweaty!