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I Love Being In StoryBundles

For a Number of Reasons…

First, I love reading, as a reader, what the other writers have put in the StoryBundle. Usually takes me the entire time the bundle is up before I get done reading or looking at them all.  But just as a reader who buys it, I love all the different books in a certain topic. Great fun.

Second, it helps people find different work of mine that chances are I would write, publish, and forget. Needing a book to put into a Storybundle is a great incentive. And I have actually written a few books over the years just for a bundle.

And it gives the book a nice boost into the world with both readers and money. Not a small bonus at all to a professional writer like me.

And right now I have a book in a bundle. If  you did not get the anthology Space: 1975 edited by Robert Jeschonek, you might want to grab it in this bundle. Fantastic and crazy stories that are space opera with a 1975 slant or theme or something 1975 in space. In my story in that anthology. I used a giant disco ball that was an alien spaceship the size of Jupiter coming in from another galaxy. And two old people from an Earth nursing home need to stop it.

Yeah, that kind of crazy.

And when Bob asked me into this fantastic bundle (Cosmic Visionaries), I asked if I could continue on with the same story and he said sure. So I have a novella in the bundle called BALL OF CONFUSION. For a while it was exclusive to the bundle, but I just put it in Issue #52 of Smith’s Monthly. But at this point better to get it in the bundle with the nine other authors. Better value and the bundle will be over shortly.

I have been reading the books that are in the bundle since it launched. And wow is this a great bundle of sf books. Some great reading I can promise you that by some great sf authors.

Plus you get Space: 1975 as well.

So grab it. $15 will get you all of the books. Wow is that a great price for nine great books and my crazy story of old people in space saving the world from a giant disco ball. Trust me, I lived through the 70s as an adult and disco balls were about as evil as they came.

Cosmic Visionaries Bundle