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Keith Urban

Amazing Show!

Kris and I fought our way down to the Planet Hollywood Casino tonight through all the construction around the Formula One site. Luckily we gave ourselves plenty of time. Yikes. Friday night in Vegas and construction do not mix.

We had tried to see Keith Urban for three years. First cancelled by the pandemic. Rescheduled during Cowboy Christmas when most attending would be without shots, so we cancelled on that. This was our third attempt.

Neither of us had ever been in Planet Hollywood or the Miracle Mile Shops, let alone a very strange parking garage not built for far too many large pick-up trucks with big wheels.

But somehow we made it to the threater, asking directions from people inside the massive mall all along the way. The mall has clouds moving overhead and castles. Not kidding.

Then in the cluster-f**k of getting into the theater, with people moving in all directions and more cowboys buying beer and yelling to their wives than I remember ever seeing in one place before, I still have trouble with my vision. I am just not yet used to that kind of crowd and insanity with my limited vision, so by the time we got sat down, I was pretty angry at getting bumped into by rude white people in cowboy hats and damn near knocked down by a massively obese woman carrying two beers and a box of M&Ms.

Then the show started and the people in front of us stood up and remained standing the entire show. Okay, granted, there were a good thousand people in a standing-room only area in front of the stage, and half the people in the place stood often for favorite songs. Well over half had seen the show before and everyone knew the words to most songs and sang and clapped along. It was wild.

Now I have had problems with strobing my entire live. It makes me dizzy or I get an instant migraine. So Keith’s first song had the stage surrounded by intense white lights and strobing and down into my seat I went almost by the third note, covering my eyes.

So for me, the concert did not start out well.

How is that for an understatement?

I was thinking about heading to a restaurant to wait for Kris. But even sitting down with the guy’s back in front of me looming over me, the music was good. Then on the third song the white lights cut back and went to color and Keith’s amazing performance won me over.

Keith is flat amazing, the music was fantastic, and I actually didn’t mind standing for most of the two hours he performed without a break, only ducking back in my seat when the strobing stared up again.

Keith never left the stage except to play a few songs out in the crowd. Wow, he could work a crowd.

So I completely recommend seeing Keith Urban. Especially if you like some country and a great guitar and some rock-and-roll. Wow, he had energy and was just flat amazingly good.

He had to be for me to overcome the start I had to the entire thing. (grin)

But he did.


  • Philip

    This post is actually a great example of writing with Depth! I felt the anxiety as if I were there.

    I really love country music that straddles rock n’roll, usually what they call “Outlaw Country.” Thanks for the recommendation.

    Vegas sounds like a fantasic place to live, but me and gambling don’t mix, so the temptation would be too great for me.

  • Paul

    White people… obese people… Angry post. Sometimes when you go on these rants I think YOU’RE the actual Critical Voice.

  • Kris Rusch

    Dean said before the show started that it had moved him back to Idaho, where he lived for decades. Cowboy hats, pickup trucks, rude white people. Not a Vegas audience at all, he said. And I said, except for all the people in drag (of which there were a lot. Cowboy drag, but drag nonetheless). The audience was whiter than the usual Vegas audience, but it was just as gay. The inclusivity messaging throughout was great, and the way Keith Urban made the crowd (toward the end) learn about unity and being together rather than divisive was plain brilliant.

  • Laura Phillips

    The strobing lights would have chased me out. Instant migraine. I’m glad you were able to ease the effects and enjoy the heart of the show.