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Just Over $600 Left…

Before Every Supporter Gets a Workshop and a Book…

That’s right. Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperback Short Stories Kickstarter campaign is almost to its stretch goal. Just over $600 left. If this campaign hits $9,000, I will give everyone who pledged at any level an electronic copy of my large collection Stories from July. It contains 32 short stories plus all the blogs I wrote about writing them.

And also, on top of that, each person pledging to this campaign will get a credit for a Classic Workshop of their choice worth $150. (If you are a lifetime workshop subscriber, you can take the equivalent in lectures or Pop-Ups we offer.)

Workshop and huge collection. All you have to do is support the campaign at any reward level. (The rewards start at $20.)

And in a few days I will put up another stretch goal that is even better than this first one.

Remember, on this campaign you can get discounted regular workshops, discounted lectures, and discounts on lifetime subscriptions. When you take one or more workshops, that works as a credit to do a workshop of your choice at any time you want into the future. No restrictions.

And, of course, if you get a workshop through the campaign, you also get all 100 short stories in three major collections.

Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperback Books


  • Lorena

    Thanks Dean for all the extra stuff!

    I really need your Stories from July and the companion blogs right now. I’ve been writing 4 stories a month since November (one a week, more or less, around 10k each) and I was doing great (no marketing, no social media, only writing and releasing) but Christmas and the new year destroyed my routine. I can’t seem to pick up my rhythm again and I really need to, ASAP.

    I’m rewatching now the “Heinlein’s rules” lecture and it’s being a great help. I’m going to finish my first story of the year (almost 15k) this weekend. After that, I want to write a series of 3 longish stories before Valentine’s day (ahem, you can guess the genre here).

    Anyway, I need all the help I can get.

    So thanks!! 🙂

    • dwsmith

      Lorena, sounds like you have been doing great, actually. Just make the stories fun as you write them and the writing will come a bunch easier. That really is the key.

      And we all get knocked off at one level or another, sometimes smaller stuff like holidays, sometimes larger stuff like moving or health. The key to getting back on I am discovering is just keeping it a focus and don’t look back at the time lost, but only at the fun coming up of writing. Look forward and you’ll have it.

      • Lorena

        Dean, thanks for your response. You’re right, having fun is the key. It’s when I forget that when I’m in trouble.. when I start agonising over details like wordcounts or lost time.

        So I’ll look forward. I can pick up the rhythm again little by little, there’s no need for stress… My challenge, my rules 😀


    • dwsmith

      Actually went past the stretch goal today, so everyone gets the first stuff. Second stretch goal is everyone gets three more collections, plus the bundled first five Pop-Up in that series worth $600. I’ll announce that later tonight. But got a ways to go to reach that one.