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Just a General Day…

We All Have Them…

Seems like nothing really got done, yet when I look back at the day, a lot actually did get done. I got a lot of email done before Kris and I headed out for a great lunch at a new place we wanted to try. It’s a keeper. Did my first two miles of exercise around the casino the new restaurant was in. Got to stay inside since it is summer heat here.

Then I headed to the grocery store and did the shopping, then home and cooked dinner. Then I recorded a week of one of the new workshops.

After that I headed to the 7th floor to do laps and put in my last two miles for the day in exercise. I am doing 5 miles per day now. And watching calories, but so far not a lot of weight movement. I think it will as I ramp up the running even more.

Watched another episode of the The Flight Attendant (really twisted show… if you have drinking triggers, avoid…)

Got back up here in this office and did an hour on Smith’s Monthly #63 layout. Now doing this blog so I don’t forget it before heading back to my writing computer to try to finish a story.

Also, the Pulphouse Fiction River Subscription Campaign is doing great. Working on the next stretch goal. So help us pass the word if you will so everyone can get more nifty extra books and writing classes.

Only seven days left.

So a decent day. Didn’t feel like it, but writing it down is amazing how it shows it was a good and productive day.