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It Was A Day…

We All Have Them…

So busy and so much to do, I sort of forget what I was doing at times.

Up hours early for me and only glanced at my email before heading out for a meeting in North Las Vegas.

Then back into town and my first stop at a bank in 18 months or so because I needed a cashier’s check. (Stupid old custom of business, there.)

Then to the south side of town near the Strip for another meeting. Then stopped at a cat rescue operation I support with donations and where I had found the first Burman cat (like Cheeps) in years of looking. She is not ready to go yet, but I’m going to try to get her. Finger’s crossed that we have a new member of promotion central.

Fast food for lunch while I was driving.

Then out to a bakery to pick up a birthday cake for Kris’s birthday tomorrow, then back to our office to get it in the fridge. Then Kris and I spent some time in our new place taking measurements, then we headed back out to the gym and she did some exercise while I did some shopping. Picked her up, got take-out on the way home and finally stopped after moving and meetings all day.

Did a little of the email after dinner, watched something, did a little more email and read Writer’s of the Future manuscripts, and now I am heading to watch television and fall exhausted into bed.

Tomorrow will be a fun day. Cake and a great dinner.

And write Kris directly if you are going to wish her happy birthday. She doesn’t see this blog or my email.

Picture is of Kris’s 60th birthday last year in the pandemic where so many of you sent her cards to help her celebrate safely. She loved that. It was so cool!


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  • Karen+Fonville

    Wow, even though it was busy, it sounds like a fun and interesting day! Sure hope you get Cheeps-Ette to join the family.

    Have a good day today!