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A Fun Day…

Kris’s Birthday…

For four years in a row now, I ordered a birthday cake for Kris that was far, far too big by factors. This year we had to go to a new bakery and I ordered it a week ago, all on my own. A very scary feat. So the lady taking the order asked what size and pointed to what must have been a standard two-layer cake size in a display case, but between all the other massive cakes in there, it looked too small.

So I asked for something bigger and she said (something I didn’t understand) and I nodded and I ended up with a cake that was heavy to carry. Very nice looking, but Kris called it a “wedding cake” and it had five or six layers. Oh, my… Fun, but oh, my… My streak holds. Only time I got Kris’s birthday cakes at the right size is when I used to make them myself back in Lincoln City.

We went out to dinner with Lisa and Sean and had a wonderful time. And then just before midnight we went to our new condo that we are getting on the 8th to see what the views looked like of Vegas at night. Oh, wow is all I can say.

So I am so happy to share Kris’s birthday for the 35th time. I am so happy she was born and I got to share all these birthdays with her, even though I seem to be dead set lately on forcing far too much cake on her.

Happy day, Kris. Thanks for letting me share it with you.