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It Is Amazing…

After A Long Night…

Today all three cats are getting along great. In fact, they all seem to be fine. Last night was a lot of hissing and such after we released them together. None of that today at all.

We spent the day doing all the crap you do on the day after you move into a new place. Cable guy appointment (who was great) securing shelves, napping, and reading a lot of instructions on high-end appliances. I never did get my office together, but Kris got hers in good shape.

So tomorrow I will be in my new office, will get email caught up, will record some workshop stuff, and maybe even write a little something.

I will have to occasionally look up at my view of The Strip. (grin)

And on a side note, I was wrong about these daily blogs. Kris tells me that my friend Bill died ten years ago in August. I started these daily blogs the following August 1st.

So my daily total of blogs without missing a day is now…   9 years x 365 days = 3,285 minus 35 days in June/July left before August 1st = 3,250 days.

How in the world I made 3,250 straight days without missing is beyond me.

So a fill blog tonight for blog number…


Wow, that is a lot of days in a row. The power of a streak.