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I’m In My New Office…

After Working On It All Day…

Finally got all four computers and two secondary screens in place, shelves in place, a few boxes of books on the shelves, and this computer running enough to do some email and a prompt. (Sound echoes and lights not right yet, but I’ll get it.)

A lot of trips down to our old office condo on the main floor. And since this office is up a flight of stairs here in the condo, I climbed basically 15 flights of stairs carrying boxes and computers. Yup, going to feel that tomorrow.

A bunch of time on my back on tile floor putting desks together as well. That’s always fun.

So in the office basically and tomorrow I will be more moved in as well as doing assignments for workshops and such. Writing computer gets turned back on tomorrow. As well as white boards hung. Going to be another long day, but actually will be fun. And the last day of total focus on the move, thankfully. The rest of the move just will get done as time allows.

Here are two pictures I did goofing around from this computer. One is with all the lights off so you can see the Strat and the north end of The Strip, including the new mega-resort called RESORTS WORLD that just opened a couple days ago. The other is the same picture with the lights on. The view from up here in the day is stunning and this office is full of great light.