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Information Overload

Brain Fried…

I had a hunch that would happen tonight after almost four hours of talking writing and business of writing with 18 professional writers. Tonight it seemed to all focus on marketing and discoverability. Wow, just wow.

So instead of trying to talk about something intelligent, figured I would clean up some business and answer some questions.

Thanks Everyone Who Bought the Bundle.

Turned out to be a good one and the charity made some nice money as well. So thanks.

Questions Answered On Strength Workshops

— I want to repeat that there is no hurry at all in taking the workshops. You can work on them at your own pace clear into 2018 if you want. No problem at all. We just are limiting the sign-up time so there is no chance it will get out of hand.

All are at

— There will be six when all done.

Basic Craft (now available)
Basic Business (now available)
Basic Sales (available in two or three days)
Craft Two (available in a week)
Business Two (available in over a week)
Sales Two (available in two weeks)

The business and sales workshops combined will also function as a sort of curriculum of the two areas, sort of check-points of things that are needed and can be done.

— Yes, you can take any of the Basic Craft, Basic Business, or Basic Sales. No requirements on those. So if you just wanted the Sales one when it gets loaded in a few days, just grab it.

— The Craft Two, Business Two, and Sales Two require you to take the basic level in each area first because they build off the basic workshop. So you could take the Basic Sales and Sales Two without having to take any of the others.

— Discount: If you take three of the workshops, we will give you the fourth one for free. If you want to take all six, contact me. The cost for all six is $1,500. If you do all six, we will give you a bonus online monthly workshop for free as well.

— Sorry, we can’t honor the Kickstarter or specials for these workshops from last fall because these are in a different eco system with Teachable.  Those were for any of the regular ten workshops we do every month were already discounted.

Going to be Doing A Series of Blogs on the Magic Bakery

Starting next week and I want to turn the blogs into a book and then maybe a lecture. Just got to come up with a title for the thing that will relay the publishing aspect of the entire thing.

Thanks for Understanding

The first newsletter goof where the free book link to book funnel got dropped. Sure appreciate those of you who wrote me and said it had happened. That allowed me to move quick and get the link in a follow-up letter. So thanks!

Okay, off to rest the tired brain. Spinning from all the new information. Professional writers sure are a smart and driven bunch of humans. It was an honor to sit with them tonight and learn.


  • Vera Soroka

    Would love to have heard what they think on all the marketing and discoverability in the indie world. If only I could have been a cat curled up in the corner somewhere with my ears perked.

  • Karen

    Dean, is your magic bakery analogy along the same lines as the analogy you gave using a subdivision and real estate?

    • dwsmith

      Yes, one way of looking at it. I’ll explain the different ways of looking at it all as I do the chapters here as blog posts.