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Finally Got Started Tonight…

Started and finished a short story from a prompt from a fun challenge.  A short Bryant Street story, Got it done and had fun, even with one false start.

Here is how the writing night went for those interested on this Saturday night.

Started with the prompt about subject sort of in the back of my mind. The prompt in summary was basically reburying an old skeleton.

So off I went to my title sheets of half titles from old digest magazines.

I grabbed a half-title “Tombstone” off of one list and “Cliff” off of another, slammed them together for “Tombstone Cliff” and started typing.

I realized about a thousand words in that it was a Thunder Mountain novel.

Well that realization slammed that to a halt. Going to be a really good Thunder Mountain novel. I love that title. Got the thousand words saved into a folder labeled Tombstone Cliff: A Thunder Mountain Novel.

So I started over still thinking of the prompt. Reburying an old skeleton.

I grabbed “Man Who Laughed” from one list of old digest half-titles. Then went to another list and saw the words “Rainy Day” and grabbed those.

Jammed them together and got “The Man Who Laughed on a Rainy Night.”

Started typing and realized it was going weird because of the subject idea I had sort of drifted with from the prompt.  Weird and set in a subdivision meant it was a Bryant Street story.

So as far as time tonight, I spent one hour on the thousand words of Tombstone Cliff. Took a break, started over and spent one hour on the new story, took a break, and finished the story in just over another hour.

Three hours of writing. Felt great to be back at it.

Really fun.