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In My New Office

Got One of Four Computers Up and Running

Could not get the internet here to work, so on my phone on a hotspot until tomorrow. Kris has been using the internet down here without issue, so pretty certain I am doing something wrong. Standard. (grin)

No books on the shelves yet, but that will happen after I get everything working. Ahh, the fun of moving offices.

And no art on the walls yet, but there will be.

If I owe you an email from the last few days, I hope to catch up tomorrow.

So I am now in one of the two bedroom/offices in our downstairs condo. This will be where we will also do the smaller in-person workshops. We have a table that fits comfortably in the main room of this place that holds 14 (yes it is that big). So stay tuned for those workshops schedule to be announced later in the summer.

Tomorrow is all get-my-office-and-Kris’s-new-office-in-order day, plus recording a workshop here. Now if I would just get a haircut, it would seem like everything had changed. (grin)

On other news, The Chase Kickstarter campaign is about to go past its second stretch goal. In five days. Thanks, everyone for the support on that. It is a stunningly good book. And there are some fun new workshops there as well.

Plus Smith’s Monthly #49 just came out. I’ll talk about it in a few days.