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Live Chat Was Fun

Six Professional Writers with Great Advice…

You can still watch it at these two locations:

Here’s the YouTube Link
Here’s the Facebook Link
Worth listening to and watching.
For $15 you can get the nine books and one Pop-Up on dealing with Toxic People (worth $150) here.
Don’t miss this one, folks. Some great books by some great authors.
Now back to moving our offices around. Ahh, fun, but almost done.


  • Roger Weston

    Thank you for your inspriation. I get inspired whenever I visit this site. Just saw your 70 books challenge in my 70th year. Congratulations that you are on target!

  • JIm Johnson

    This is great learning. All right if we share this far and wide, Dean? I still see writers not getting this information and spreading the same old misinformation about writing and publishing.

  • Desikan

    Great inspiration and a load of worthy tips !
    “Take advice from those who have written many books”

    Reiterating craft tips on fast writing and developing regular writing habits.
    Experienced writers advicing on business side.