I’m Up Late

So Not Much of Anything Tonight…

I got a late start at the entire evening, so didn’t even get back to writing until 12:30 am. So finished the story about a new superhero character by the name of Skip Keepers. Basically a treasure hunt story for a marble. Yeah, we shall see.

2,400 words in two hours plus a break. About normal for me.

So February is up and running. Onward I go.

With luck I will have time tomorrow to do more stuff. Just got buried today, but still got the story done, something that would not have happened without the challenge.

Here is an image of the treasure in my story. It is an Onion Skin handmade German marble from the 1800s. Copyright on this picture by iCollectors. Don’t even ask what this is worth.


  • Kate+Pavelle

    Regarding treasures such as these, when I was a kid and my family was clearing out the attic in Prague, we came across a leather bag full of marbles. Most of them were clay, of various colors. Unlike the ones in the toy store (yes, you could buy marbles in a toy store in the 70’s and my dad and I played a good bit,) the glaze on these had a metallic sheen and started to rub off. My dad, the chemist, pronounced them unsafe due to heavy metal content, and very sensibly disposed of them.
    There were a few glass marbles. They had bubbles and were pitted. You could still see swirls of color through them. I wanted to play with them, but was told that they won’t roll well anymore. Not sure what happened to those, they probably went to granpa for evaluation, but now I wish I had them just to see what you would make out of them. They probably dated back to the 1920’s. Oh but for treasures lost, gone back to the earth whence they came.