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Two More Stories on Patreon

And February Workshops are all started…

Still lots of time to jump into them. And I will have the March ones posted in a few days as well.

Story tonight was a group of characters from other series. It was a Sky Tate story, but had Poker Boy and Marble Grant in it. Great fun and came in just over 3,200 words. I started it this afternoon for a change and it took just about 2.5 hours.

I also did covers for the 6th and 7th stories from January and got those two stories on Patreon for those following the raw stories.

Covers for those are below. One is the branding for Poker Boy, the other is using my regular template. Took me about an hour to do both, including finding the art.

So going to try to get to bed earlier tonight. We shall see.