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I’m Really Enjoying Reading

All the Great Challenge Stories…

Got a slow start on reading this week, so still have a few to do from Week #6, but every week I am so pleased at how much fun I have reading short stories. I knew that would be part of the fun I would have with the Great Challenge. Turns out it is more fun than even I expected.

Do I like every story? Nope. Some are not to my tastes. Nothing wrong with them, just not to my personal liking.

Others are short on Depth so I end up scanning. I tell the author when that happens. Another editor might not notice the lack of depth and setting. But I do.

If I like a story, I tell the author.

Two people started this last week on the short story and one on the novel. (No novels have been turned in yet.) Still more than enough room to jump in if you want into either the short story challenge or the novel challenge. Remember, if you miss, you get credit for two workshops. So nothing to lose and a lot of new short stories (or novels) in your Magic Bakery to gain.

Besides, I’m having fun, more fun than I expected to have with the reading. And for that, all I can say is thanks to those already in and writing. Great work, folks! Keep having fun with it.


    • dwsmith

      No clue if I will want to still be wanting to add in more. I am convinced that many will still be doing fine by then and not missing and I will still have a few stories to read every week, but it will depend on my schedule if I add in more. No telling.