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More Videos and Photos

Going to Be Lots of Photos…

Not only for those of you in the Licensing Learn Along, but for me to help keep track of things at the Licensing Expo. Pictures, lots and lots of careful notes, and god only knows what else.

Kris and I headed out to Mandalay Bay today to get our badges early and also to have me take a  look at the size and scale of what we were dealing with on a physical level. Everything is well under construction and the place is even larger than I had imagined.

I’m going to get my walking in, that’s for sure. Just round trip to the car is over a mile. I expect to be over 20,000 steps a day for three days. Thank heavens I am down weight and been exercising.

I put up two more videos tonight on the Licensing, one basic stuff, another about the day and plans plus a few pictures.

So a good Friday. Now off to read some more Great Challenge stories for this week.



  • Philip

    Just read on the Expo website there will be over 16k licensees in attendance and 65+ countries represented. Lots of opportunities there. Enjoy.

  • Brett

    Hi, folks. I’m new to this site — and to writing fiction in general. I’ve had an interest in the craft for as long as I could remember; however, the task of writing a 40K+ word story just seemed impossible to me. Especially after reading mainstream how-to books on the subject (e.g., John Gardner.) After hanging around this community, I have to say that my eyes have been descaled. I mean, normal folk making a real living telling and selling stories?! Literally two weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed it. My beliefs then were that only non-fiction writers who market the hell out of their work can make that happen. Fiction writers? Not a gosh-darn chance in you-know-where.

    • dwsmith

      Brett, Welcome to the first stage of cleaning out all the myths. Amazing how much fun you can have with writing when all the crap people taught to make writing hard gets stripped away. So welcome aboard. Make the writing fun and the learning fun. That is the key.

    • Harvey Stanbrough

      Brett, you’ll occasionally hear things from Dean that you will find all but impossible to believe. (Well, I did, starting almost 6 years ago.) But being the stubborn type, I tested them for myself. And they work. In every case.

      So no matter what your conscious mind tells you at the time, believe what Dean says at least enough to give his advice an honest shot. You’ll be glad you did.

      • dwsmith

        Thanks, Harvey. But everyone, keep in mind that there is no right way, just your way. All Kris and I try to do is relay what we have seen work for writers over decades and what has worked for us going on 40 years now. But every writer is different.

  • Catherine Mesick

    I just signed up for the Licensing Learn Along. I hope you and Kris have a wonderful time!

    • dwsmith

      Oh, we will, but I’m more worried about surviving it, to be honest. I don’t think exhausted will be enough to describe how we will feel by the end of this. (grin) Thank heavens I have been getting in shape.