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I’m Back Home In Vegas

Spent the Last Three Days on the Oregon Coast…

Business meetings, finishing up a bit of the last of the move, and having great dinners with old friends. A good, but quick trip.

I started a short story on the plane on the way down, didn’t have time to write anything while there, then finished the short story in the lounge at the airport and on the plane back. So that was fun. About 5,000 words.

The idea (that I posted last night) of offering free Master Class tuition if you have or buy a lifetime online workshop came about in a meeting in Allyson’s office at WMG, with Kris on the phone as part of the meeting. And we did a bunch of other prep for 2019.

And settled a bunch of stuff for the stores. As I said, a good trip.

I got home around 11 pm tonight and mailed off the story to the editor who wanted it, and am now calling it a night because tomorrow morning is one of those fun 5k runs.

Feels good to be home and I am pleased now that Las Vegas now feels like home.

2018, the year of the big move, is finally done. Now maybe, finally, I can get back to writing.



  • Thomas Bennett

    Hey Dean,

    I’ve sent you a couple emails about the writer’s mystery gift box. Your spam filter must’ve got them. I’m going to be offline and out of touch for at least the next two weeks. I’m having surgery on my foot. No worries. Just let whoever is doing the gift box stuff know that I may be out of touch when they come out. Thanks!


    • dwsmith

      No problem, Thomas. Just take care of yourself. If they box isn’t waiting for you when you are ready, let me know and I’ll fire a note to WMG to get it to you.