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Fantastic Offer!

Master Class Offer to Lifetime Workshop Subscribers…

Late last spring we offered anyone who was a lifetime subscriber to our online workshops, free tuition into our Las Vegas Master Business Class.

This year, since a number of people have singed up for lifetime subscriptions since then, or who couldn’t make it last year, WMG Publishing decided to offer the same thing again for a limited time only.

That’s right. If you sign up for a lifetime online workshop subscription or already are a lifetime online workshop subscriber, you get the $750 fee for the Master Business Class in October free.

The lifetime online workshop subscription is $3,000 and it gets you over $14,000 in 57 different online workshops. (How nifty of a gift would that be for a writer?)

Now it also gets you a $750 workshop (Master Business Class) here in Las Vegas in October 2019.

Get information and dates on the Master Business Class at

Sign up for a lifetime workshop subscription on Teachable. (If you have already taken a number of workshops, we will discount that fee. Write me with questions. And when you go to Teachable, just hit all courses and it will be the second one that comes up.)

A couple of rules on this offer…

1… This is for a limited time only. (Meaning weeks, not months.)

2… If you have a lifetime workshop subscription (or are just buying a lifetime subscription) and want to take advantage of this offer, just write me and tell me you want to sign up for the Master Business Class and are a lifetime workshop subscriber. I will get your name on the list. (But don’t hesitate too long, again this offer is for a short time.)

3… This offer does not apply to other lifetime subscriptions such as lectures or study along. Sorry.

4… If you take this offer, you agree to stay in the hotel block at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas for the workshop. (That helps all of us get more discounts.)

So in summary, get a lifetime online workshop subscription to have at your fingers over $14,000 in workshops (and growing) for only $3,000. And by doing so you also get free tuition to the Master Business Class in Las Vegas in October, a $750 value.

Get the lifetime online workshop subscription on Teachable. (Click all courses at the top to see it.)

Another holiday offer from WMG Publishing to all the writers working so hard out there.