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How To Write a Pulphouse Story Workshop


About 24 hours left as I write this. The How to Write a Pulphouse Story is a three week special workshop, offered only twice, once starting the first of October and then starting November 5th. (Your choice.)

Three weeks, like a regular workshop (only half as long and half the price), with three assignments. (So yes, you can take it with other workshops and sorry, no, this is not included in the lifetime subscription. Only place it is available is on the Kickstarter to help Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.)

The third assignment is to write a Pulphouse story and I will read it. (And in case you have forgotten, I am the editor.) If I like a story and think it should be in the magazine, I will make you an offer. And more than likely tell you that you should try it at Asimov’s or Ellery Queen first. After all, the workshop is to help you become a better writer and storyteller first, not just sell to one magazine.

Writing for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine takes the top-level storytellers and I hope this special three-week workshop helps you take a step in that direction. So sign up for it to learn story writing, get a subscription to Pulphouse, get some fun books and bonus workshops, and write a new story, all at the same time.

But remember, the Kickstarter ends on Wednesday afternoon West Coast time.

And you can add this into another pledge by simply adding the amount and we sort it out in the surveys after everything funds.

And got a hunch this might be my last post on this Kickstarter topic. Almost time to move on, but you can’t blame me for talking about this a lot. After all, Pulphouse has been my baby in one fashion or another for 32 years. (That’s right, Kris and I started Pulphouse in the spring of 1987.)

Wow, does time fly.