Challenge,  Pulphouse Fiction Magazine

Hit 5th Stretch Goal!!!

Only One Stretch Goal Left…

And only 48 hours to hit the 6th Stretch Goal. So don’t delay.

But first I want to thank everyone who has helped us get this far. Five Stretch goals. Wow, just wow. Thank you.

But it might be possible to go a little farther, so here is the 6th goal…

Stretch Goal #6… Cats ($30,000)

Everyone tells us that on the internet, the best thing you can do is have a cat somewhere. So here we go.

In celebration of reaching this level, Kris will do her best to get pictures of our cats and post them. And maybe some of our past cats as well. Easier, much easier said than done.

And, of course, we will do a book of Pulphouse cat stories. 

So if we reach this goal, everyone will get an electronic copy of CATTITUDE: The Best Cat Stories from the First Three Years Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

PLUS FOR WRITERS…Something really major!!!  

If we reach this level, every supporter of this kickstarter will get the Pop-Up #6-10 Bundle. That is a $600 value. (If you already have the bundle, or have the #1-10 bundle, we will credit you the $600 toward anything else.)

That’s right, I said $600 value.

But we have to reach this level. And in 48 hours, it will be a real stretch.

So here is the total if we can somehow hit $30,000 with this Kickstarter.

— One extra Issue of the magazine on your subscription. (already done)

— 5 different books in electronic format including two Best of… books from the old incarnations of Pulphouse.  (All of these are now hit.)

And if we hit the sixth, there is yet another book of Pulphouse cat stories.

And for the writers or your writer friends…

— Choice of lecture ($50 value already hit)

— Choice of Classic Workshop ($150 value already hit)

— Myth Lecture Bundle ($200 value already hit.)

— Pop-Up 6-10 Bundle ($600 value) ($30,000 LEVEL…NOT HIT YET!)

And yes, any reward or any of these extra stretch rewards can be gifted. 

So less than 48 hours to try to get the cat book and a $600 value bundle. Might be possible.