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Hope The Holiday Weekend Is Going Well…

For those in the States…

Sort of the unofficial start of summer here. Kris and I spent the entire day unloading books from a uHaul, putting them in our van, taking our van up to our condo, and unloading the van and hauling everything up to the top floor. I ache in places I had forgotten about.

We will finish it all tomorrow after the Webinars.

So for everyone in the States, have a great holiday weekend. I’m actually enjoying the moving-in part, and the condo sure echoes less. (Grin)

So all good here.

(And one note… If you sent me an email and I haven’t responded yet, please do send it again. It’s been a wild few days and now that I am settling in, I have time to get to everything once again. Sorry for the slight delay on a few things.)


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  • USAF

    dean and kris

    please remember to rest, soak, ice, rest some more

    You know your own tolerances

    Easy does it

    you both sure are hard workers.

    Bless you both.