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Tough Life…

A Fun Day and a Lot Of Work…

I moved a van load of books and shelves from the UHaul which is parked in a casino parking lot under security. (Can’t get the UHaul even close to the condo, which is why we are doing it this way. One more van load tomorrow morning and we are done.)

Then I had two fun webinars that everyone seemed very low-key on. Holiday I suppose.

Then Kris and I spent the entire afternoon and most of the evening, working with shelving and books and had a great dinner along the way. Yup, I ache in places I didn’t know I had yesterday with all the aches then.

So tonight I put on my swimsuit, swam a few laps of the pool, then under a full moon, sat in the hot tub before heading back to watch some television.

Kris sat beside the pool and read. Vegas is just wonderful. Have I said that before?

Thank heavens the myths are right and there is no money to be made in writing fiction.

Those of you in the states have a great holiday.