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Safely Home in Vegas

I Might Be a Little Slow on Assignment Responses…

Unpacking a truck and want to spend some time with Kris, since I have been up north and she has been here for a few weeks. But I will get to the assignments fine.

And webinar on Sunday, for those in those two workshops.

We got about a quarter of the truck load into the condo tonight. Tomorrow we’ll get most of the rest, and then finish it on Sunday. Thankfully the weather will be good.

So back to regular blogging tomorrow or Sunday.


  • J.M. Ney-Grimm

    I’m imagining that must have felt cool to type “home in Vegas.” I’m sure you’ve said it before now, but have you written it? The photos of the views from your condo look amazing. What a wonderful spot to call home. I hope you can get the rest of the moving of goods done smoothly and soon.