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Holiday Stories

All Kinds of Ways to Get Holiday Stories…

I have said this before, and more than likely I will say it again. I really like the basic Lifetime Holiday Movies and the Hallmark Holiday Movies. I tend to look at and scan through, or actually watch completely, one movie a night. Kris doesn’t really watch that kind of movie, so its me, just enjoying the journey, often with a bag of popcorn, or on some nights a mug of hot chocolate.

Best movie so far that is new this year on Lifetime is a time travel one, standard letters through time plot with a portal, but it worked fine. My second favorite is a ghost story, where the standard smart woman lawyer trying to sell an old Inn falls in love with the ghost who died 90 years earlier. Again, a romance that they made work and actually had me wondering all the way to the end just how they would make it work. (I am never behind on these movie plots. Except for that one. But they are still perfect for this winter, especially this winter of 2020.)

So I get stories that way, plus I love reading holiday stories and I am reading, even though I have read them all before, the stories coming through the WMG 2020 Holiday Spectacular. I get one a day in my mail box and I just love that. And even though it started on Thanksgiving, you can still get all the ones so far, plus one a day between now and January 1st. Some stunning stories, let me tell you.

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Another great way to get some great holiday reading is through the Good Cheer Storybundle.

Now not only does this have the cool book of L. Frank Baum’s “Santa Clause Stories,” but I got a collection in there of my Jukebox stories. Almost all of my Jukebox stories are set on Christmas Eve. And the one I originally sold to F&SF Magazine way back called “Jukebox Gifts” might be my best short story, if not my most emotional story. It certainly has made me a ton of money in movie options and reprints.

Also, you want one of the most feel-good stories you will read this year, read Kris’s “Tidings of Comfort and Joy.” Just wonderful.

So check it out, some great books and stories in the bundle. And enjoy the holiday season. Trust me, there is no better way to get away from the ugliness of the real world right now than a good holiday story.


  • Patricia Novak

    “The Spirit of Christmas” fits the ghost one. I watched that a few days ago and enjoyed it. I don’t recall seeing the time travel one.

    • dwsmith

      Yes, I think that was the title. Decent movie.

      One last night was a great novel. Had a prologue, a validation after a time jump at the end, and one of the most unique way of describing every new character who came into sight. The main character described them with opinion as a pastry of some sort. Wonderfully well done, and a twist on the standard plot as well. I think it was called “Sugar and Spice” and was worth watching. The third Lifetime one this year I would suggest people watch.