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Hit 4th Stretch Goal!!

On Our Way to #5 Stretch Goal…

Thank you, everyone! Fantastic. It means a great deal to the future of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. Gives it a solid base.

You can see the entire subscription drive at r.

And now everyone who has supported this subscription drive gets the following extra fun stuff.

— An extra issue on your subscription.

— Three special Pulphouse Fiction Magazine electronic books full of wild and fun stories.

— A lecture of your choice from over 30 lectures offered by WMG Publishing. ($50 Value) This can be gifted to a writer friend.

— A classic workshop of your choice from over 25 classic workshops offered by WMG Publishing. ($150 value)This can be gifted to a writer friend.

Now, with four days left, we are working on reaching the next very special stretch goal I talked about in yesterday’s blog. If we do, Kris will put together a brand new “Best of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine” and Dean will put together a Best of Pulphouse: The Fiction Magazine.” This will require a lot of work finding authors and estates from over 25 years ago. But we feel it would be an amazing project.

Just a massive amount of work. You folks, until you have done it, have no idea how hard it is to work with writer’s estates. (Often stories are lost or just no one is doing it.) The only estate I have ever worked with that has been easy is for Kent Patterson, because the writer Jerry Oltion is in charge of Kent’s literary estate and has done a wonderful job with it and keeping it organized and available.

On top of those two tough, but incredible books, if we reach the next stretch goal, everyone helping us with a pledge will also get an electronic copy of each book, plus The First Myth Lecture Bundle: Creations, worth $200. (If you are a lifetime lecture subscriber or already bought that bundle, we will give you $200 credit.)

So we hope you will help us pass the word in the last few days of this subscription drive. Or add to your own pledge. Anything can be gifted and a subscription to Pulphouse Fiction Magazine would make a great holiday gift for a reader. Or credit for a workshop for a writer friend or family member.


And don’t forget that the ONLY PLACE you can get the workshop How to Write a Pulphouse Story is through the Kickstarter. It will never be offered anywhere else or to lifetime subscribers. Only through Kickstarter to help Pulphouse.

It will be a special three-week workshop with you writing a story at the end for me to read. If you have already pledged for something else, you can just add that in by adding $150 to your pledge.

Workshop is only three weeks long and will only be offered starting the 1stt of October and the 5th of November.

And again, thanks for helping us hit this fourth stretch goal. It means a great deal to all of us.

So only 4 Days Left!!

Go to and take a look around.

Onward we go.

(And just in case you haven’t see the video about the entire project, here it is again, one last time.)


  • Chong Go

    Way to go! The rewards are incredible, and such a great deal. I still find myself pondering what you said about how the first issues of the original Pulphouse lost $2,000 per issue from the costs of getting them into display racks. Wow. The stress of that cash burn, and hoping that the new subscribers would come in fast enough, must have been something. Ugh. I love this new world where publishers can gauge interest and build some working capital at the same time.

    • dwsmith

      And then the distributors wouldn’t pay for the ones they did sell. Affidavit returns, meaning we just had to trust them on how many they sold and destroyed the rest. Why no magazine makes money from news stands, but is just a way to inflate numbers for advertisers. And you don’t even want to ask what it costs a magazine to put their issues near the check-out stands.

      I would never do that these days, even if we had to. Beyond stupid.