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Monday: A Fresh Start

It’s All Attitude…

Some people look at Monday as a horrid day. I suppose if you hate your job and have to go back to it every Monday, then it might be. But since I love what I do and don’t pay much attention to what day of the week it is, Monday only comes up as an artificial time to reset.

And I try to help writers with this kind of thinking as well.

Had a bad week writing? Forget it, reset on Monday and have a good week. Didn’t get something done you wanted? Move it to the list to get done on the new week.

In other words, Monday is a fresh start, a promise of something good to come.

It’s an attitude.

I always set deadlines for things like the Great Challenge as midnight Sunday night. That way Monday resets.

I am on a couple weight challenges and we use Monday as the official weigh-in, then start the new week fresh.

This week I have about twenty short story covers I want to do, our Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter ends, and finally the weather starts to cool. Plus a bunch of writing to have fun with.

So it’s Monday. It’s time to reset. It’s an attitude.

Have a great week.


    • dwsmith

      Nope, not officially, but Allyson had a massive brain tumor and basically we lost the first half of this year and are working to catch up. She is fine now and back in the office, but that’s why there might only be four for this year.

        • dwsmith

          She’s doing fine, almost full recovery, back to the old Allyson we all know and love. But scary there as it started to affect her and then the surgery and everything. But all good now. Thankfully!

  • Lynn

    So true! It’s so easy to forget that any day can become a reset day. Any *hour* even. Whatever works. The biggest pitfall is to think that because you blew it for one time period, you failed. Just pick a time/date or whatever and reset. It’s a fresh start and another chance.

  • E. R. Paskey

    I’ve always liked Mondays (even as a child) because they are the start to a fresh new week. Sure, there might be some things in that week I don’t particularly want to do, but a positive attitude is everything. And I’ve always used it as a small reset. If the previous week was a bust, oh, well. The next week will be better.