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Here I Go Again…

Tomorrow, First Run…

Far, far too early in the morning, but for a great cause, a children’s cancer fund. 5K

Now the great plan that started back in July didn’t pan out real well, even though I did a ton of things right.

I managed for almost two months to do more than 5K in steps per day, so far without missing more than a couple of times. Some days past 10K in steps and some running.

I also made sure that every day I ate less in calories than I spent. I had almost no misses since the first of August. I had hoped to lose one pound per week, but alas, that flat did not happen. (No idea why not.) I feel lighter, am able to run without too much bouncing around, but the scale does not show the desired result.

So tomorrow, on the first of a lot of runs, I am going to be above the weight I wanted to be by 12 pounds. But still going to run walk.

Last year Kris beat me every run. Every one. (She didn’t do the marathon with me, so I won there, got second in my age class and finished in a horrible time, but I finished the 26 miles.) I gained the weight since then.

Last year, on the few we did because of the pandemic, Kris always had to wait for me to finish my walk around the course. (She runs without stopping.)

So this year, starting tomorrow, my goal is to finish ahead of her. Why do I think I can do that? Because my natural running stride is very long and pretty fast. When in shape I run 5ks in just over twenty minutes. Kris runs steadily, which I find amazingly cool. But if I run a little and walk a little (with my golf fast stride), I can stay ahead of her.

So it might hurt me a little, but that is the goal. Then we don’t have another run for two weeks, then one a week for months after that. My goal now is to use these runs to drop the weight and get in shape so that in 2022 I can run the two half marathons and the marathon that are schedule the first three months of the year. But got to drop the weight.

So chances are Kris will kick my ass tomorrow, but my goal is to give her a race. (She won’t care, she just listens to her music and does her own thing.) But I will use her as a moving goal clipping along in the desert.

Or I hope, chasing me along in the desert.