Happy New Year!

The Planet Made It Out of 2021!

I’m sitting in my office about 12:30. Kris and I just finished watching the fireworks from our place, both over the Strip and over downtown of the fireworks off the Plaza.

Amazingly cool for something that should not have happened, because right at the moment the wind is sustained over 20mph and gusts up to 40mph, and the fireworks should not have been fired with sustained over 10mph. News casts were all watching closely and talking about what would happen if the wind didn’t drop.

We figured that not having them go off would be standard for the end of 2021.  End of 2020 they had all been cancelled as well.

But someone pulled the trigger.

And even with the fireworks drifting hard to the left (southeast) from every building, they were still cool. Over eighty thousand total got fired in eight full minutes from a ton of different casinos along the strip. The Strat, the main one, is smack in front of our windows. And there was a huge countdown on the side of the Circa that was fun.

So we made it into 2022. Kris was wearing her “One More Mile” shirt all day. I get to start my challenge tomorrow. Planning my normal slow start as on any challenge.

I hope all of you have a safe start to the new year and a good writing day or weekend.

Here we go. Could be interesting.