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    New Year

    Hope Everyone Has A Good New Year! I’m coming on early because Kris and I are in for the night and I wanted to wish you all a good start to the new year and a safe night tonight if you are out and about. Onward into a fun new year. I will be at my writing computer right after midnight as I always do, figuring that is always the best way to start any new year. Stay safe… Cheers Dean

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    Happy New Year!

    The Planet Made It Out of 2021! I’m sitting in my office about 12:30. Kris and I just finished watching the fireworks from our place, both over the Strip and over downtown of the fireworks off the Plaza. Amazingly cool for something that should not have happened, because right at the moment the wind is sustained over 20mph and gusts up to 40mph, and the fireworks should not have been fired with sustained over 10mph. News casts were all watching closely and talking about what would happen if the wind didn’t drop. We figured that not having them go off would be standard for the end of 2021.  End of…

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    The New World of Publishing: Getting Knocked Off a Goal

    This is another fixed and updated post from a bunch of years back. But it still works fine right here. —- Got the goals? Dreaming the dreams? All set for 2015 and a good year of writing? Standing here at the beginning of the year, every writer I know says, “Ready!” And they mean it. But sadly, ask all but the most driven writers in May the same question and life will have stopped almost all writers cold. And they will not be back at it. And the year will pass and around Christmas many writers will wonder what happened, swear they will do better in the new year, set…