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Ramping Back Up Everything

And Getting Caught Up…

Working on a big project we will launch in two days, which was part of the reason I went north to Oregon last week. That and a dozen other things. But now that I am back, I spent today getting caught up on email, ramping back up the running, and working on some writing.

Weird how a simple three-day trip can cause so much extra work. Or it seems like it is extra. I guess I just automatically do things along every day and when something stops that flow, it reminds me how much I do by piling it all in one place.

And I got behind on reading the Great Short Story Challenge stories. But I will get to that later this week.

Two writers dropped this week, which means both had a completely successful run, getting 17 new stories done. Fantastic. And a number are still going strong through 18 stories. Wonderful!

So room to jump into either of the Great Challenges if you want.

Now to go catch up on some sleep.