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Good Time for a Challenge

Beginning of July…

Six months until the end of the year. Always a great time to start a challenge.

I’m going to fire at 12 novels in six months. And yes, already got started on the first one tonight.

Got four challenges on Teachable. Write six novels in one year (one every two months), write a novella per month, write a short story per week, or publish a major book every month. All four of those challenges will really make the second half of this year be a focused and good one.

(I just looked at those and went “Doing all four at the same time would be great fun.” Oh, oh… Danger Will Robinson. Danger!)

But I would suggest you stick with one challenge and focus on it. Now is a great time because it is the first days in the second half of the year.

Speaking of a Challenge… Not only recording new workshops and writing, but doing a ton of other work as well.

All week and a lot the last few days, I have been working on putting together the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2022 Kickstarter Campaign.

The link should get you to the promotions page to have Kickstarter contact you when it launches. But we are already approved and we will launch on Tuesday at noon West Coast Time.

Two really special craft workshops in this one, plus stretch goals with not only new anthologies of stories, but new Pop-Ups. And other fun stuff.

Tuesday at noon.


  • Fabien

    Hmm, I subscribed to the novella challenge and publishing challenge a few months ago, you’re right, this month might be a good time to start with them…

  • Philip

    Life rolls have been rough this year. First 3 months was my day job turning into a Lovecraftian nightmare then next 3 was gettinf acquaintaned with my new job. I went back to lawyering, reviewing and negotiating contracts and am now fully fired up at the new great job, so I’m ready for a challenge myself.

    I’m calling it the Pulp Speed .5 Challenge. Basically Pulp Speed One divided in half. 500,000 words per year, writing only on weekdays, so 1,923 words a day average. If I hit, I’ll have 5 novels by the end of the year or perhaps 4 novels and 10 short stories–either would be fine by me.

    My plan is to then kick off 2023 doing one of your Great Challenges (finally).