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Fun Collection Class

Thieves Collection Class

I think this might be the most fun collection 9-week class we have done. The topic of Thieves can be in any genre and cover just about anything.  Got two other collection classes starting as well today, but the Thieves to me sounds like the most fun. At the end of 9 weeks you have written five new stories and published a collection.

I’m thinking a romance thieves collection would be great. Or maybe a thieves in Space Opera. Thieves topic and focus just fits anywhere. Fun. Just started today.

Also the first classes in the July Regular Workshops started today as well.

And the second sessions of the last Kickstarter special workshops started.

Very busy day. And got to see the new Jurassic Park movie today. No expectations, but turned out more fun and better than I had hoped. Of course, I had seen the original six, so that helped. (grin)

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will launch the rest of the July regular workshops as well as the Pulphouse Kickstarter. Stay tuned. Another fun day.