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Going Running

And the Season Starts…

Tomorrow morning, at some amazingly early hour, Kris and I are headed off to do a charity 5k run. We are doing about ten of these charity runs around town before the end of the year. All for great causes. (Tomorrow is St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.)

The high temperature tomorrow will be 102 here, more than likely one of the last hot days of the summer. We have promised ourselves that if it is too warm when the race starts, we will just walk.

I’m sure we’ll both start off running, knowing us. (grin)

I am working toward a marathon in the middle of November, and am pretty much where I want to be at this point. But my plan is to see how my times are for these 5K early races, then move up to 10K runs as I get running stronger.

I have been working on aspects of this, carefully and sanely now for an entire year. I ran/walked two half-marathons last year and if I am not ready by November, I will drop back to a half (13.1 miles).

I will be 69 years old when I go for that marathon.

So every-so-often expect running pictures here between now and to the end of the year. And I will keep you posted on the progress.

And speaking of progress, I am down 80 pounds since my heaviest weight. Twenty more to go, but hope to drop ten of these between now and November. We shall see. Weight at my age is a funny thing.

And I am off my high blood pressure meds and healthy. Hmmm, eating less, eating healthy, and moving around more makes you feel better and lose weight.

Go figure.




  • Kate Pavelle

    Run, Dean, run!
    Watch Dean run.
    Watch him have that happy fun
    As he runs when work is done.
    Run with Dean and vent your spleen!
    Walk, or run, or in-between.
    Run off from your FaceBook squallor!
    Marathon’s a work of valor.
    Today I shall also run
    When I see the sleepy sun.

  • Susan

    Congratulations! You look skinny now. All you need is a pony tail or a man bun. That is what I tell keep telling Burt (my partner). 😀