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Forgot To Mention

All Short Stories Are Read for the Challenge…

I am finally back up to date to this week. Really fun reading, to be honest.

Sadly, numbers of writers have now dropped out and I only have five novels to read for the novel challenge, which I will be doing this next week.

So both the Great Challenge for a short story per week and the Great Novel Challenge for a new novel every two months has lots of open spots. Come on folks, keep me reading.

I really do enjoy it. Even when I get behind due to other things, it was a blast focusing on reading and getting caught up.

So sign up on Teachable. Novel or Short Story (or both as one writer is attempting.)

And even if you do miss after a number of weeks, you get the credit in workshops. So no lose. You get stories done, I get to read, and in the end you get workshops.

And I must say, there are a few writers that are still going strong who started twenty-two weeks ago. Impressive!!

October Regular Workshops Now Available..

I have them up on Teachable and remember these all start October 1st and 2nd, and that’s coming up real fast.

And even if you are taking the How to Write a Pulphouse Story three-week workshop, you can handle another regular workshop easily. (I will give instructions through Kickstarter on how to get into that workshop.)

And just a few days left to get the Ask Kris Anything webinars and not much time to get the discount on the new Pop-Ups.

All kinds of stuff going on. (grin)

Sign up for all of it on Teachable.

Now off to bed to get up early and go running.