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Going Running

Very Early In the Morning…

After Daylight Savings Time switches… Yikes…

So nothing to talk about tonight, other than I was told earlier that fulfillment for the Year of the Cat Kickstarter will be going out this coming week. And I hope everyone who got the nifty How To Write a Cat Story special workshop got my letter and codes. If not, write me.

And the Cave Creek Kickstarter campaign is going toward the first stretch goal at a good pace. And it is in the second stretch goal that we started to put writer rewards. So pass the word.

And the special workshop that you can only get in this Kickstarter is How to Write an Historical Story. Kris and I worked a bunch of this one to make sure it dovetails nicely with the one coming next year here in Vegas.

So in honor of me going to bed early and getting up even earlier to run, here are a couple of running pictures from a week back or so. One of me and one of Kris.

This is what 60 and 70 years old looks like these days.


  • DS Butler

    Very inspiring to see you and Kris do so well. I’m sure exercise and running has played a huge part. I wondered what changes you both made to your diets?

    • dwsmith

      A lot since we moved here. I have stayed under 2,000 calories a day, often less, and got over 10,000 steps on average, so have lost almost thirty pounds since I got here full time about 18 months ago. Kris could eat almost nothing in Lincoln City, so her diet has gotten a ton better and one of the reasons she is so healthy here. She has lost a few pounds, but doesn’t need to lose any. I still have about 20 pounds to go. So food and diet has been a major improvement since we got here. Major!