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Something Fun…

For Cave Creek Kickstarter Backers…

I have decided to give all the backers of the Cave Creek a short story or two. As a way of saying thanks for the support in the Kickstarter. First one will go out later this week.

“If Twilight Zone had a home town, it would be Cave Creek.”

That’s how we are describing Cave Creek, and I have those writers in the Shared Worlds Class (still open to sign up) going and getting up to speed on the early Twilight Zone episodes. Because they are all going to be writing Cave Creek stories if they want.

So I figured I would give the supporters of Cave Creek in the Kickstarter a short story that Carol Serling bought from me. (Rod Serling’s wife.) It was in a book called More Stories from the Twilight Zone.

Yes, Twilight Zone, for that anthology, was a form of shared world.

Here is the introduction that Carol had me write for my own story. A Twilight Zone introduction in her late-husband’s style.

For your consideration, the desert-preserved remains of one Elliot Leiferman, successful businessman, world traveler, and husband. He had earned everything he felt he needed: A beautiful home in Malibu and all the money he could spend. Talk of the world ending annoyed him, nothing more. His world was orderly, well-planned, and in his control. And he planned on keeping it that way, no matter what his wife believed. What he didn’t plan on was an afternoon drive to the end of the world, and the edge of… the Twilight Zone.

That was a fun introduction and story to write.

And there might be other stories as well as my way of saying Thank You to everyone supporting Cave Creek. The campaign is doing great and I am so excited about starting to write the first Cave Creek novel next week. (I will be talking about the process and progress here each day.)

So the short story will be going out later in the week to Kickstarter supporters.

And I hope you all will pass the word on the Cave Creek Kickstarter. It’s too much fun.

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