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Get A Pop-Up Class Very Cheaply…

Dealing with Toxic People Pop-Up Class

Valued at $150. You can get it and 9 writing and business books by top professional writers for exactly $15.00

Not kidding.

Go to

Kris has a book in the bundle about dealing with Hollywood and I have the Writing a Novel in Half a Month book I did as blogs here.

And Loren Coleman’s book on Crowdfunding for Writers is worth far more than the total $15.

Some amazing topics for writers. Don’t miss it.

And seriously, 9 great writing and business books for $15 and toss in a $150 writing class as well. That’s a deal I am surprised anyone is passing up.


  • Glen Sprigg

    I can concur; I got mine as soon as I could. I’ve already read two of the books, and the Pop-up is in my queue. I’ve found all of your writing advice and tips extremely useful.

    I’m liking the latest Kickstarter as well, although I was hoping there would be a reward between the $5 and $35 for me; I’m in Canada, so I can’t get the book shipped here. I’ll have to negotiate with the wife for the $35 reward. Of course, with the Canadian dollar closing in on par again, it might be an easier sell for her.

  • Philip

    I watched the replay of your interview with some of the other writers, and I immediately bought this bundle. For people who regularly follow this blog, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Also, it’s the first Storybundle I ever purchased and was very excited to be able to have it directly download to my kindle, no tech issues sideloading files etc. Very convenient.

    It’s also nice to see the other writers in the bundle are not myth purveyors. For example, I read the Stefon Mears book already and he also advocates writing into the dark. Great stuff here.

  • Kristi N.

    I’m working through the toxic people pop up right now, and it is eye-opening. I’d always been puzzled by some people’s reactions to my writing, as if it was a personal insult to them that I should even think about telling stories, even though I’ve been doing it since second grade. If nothing else, this pop up has given me the insight needed to reframe their response and place it outside of myself, where it can’t have the power to stop me.