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Fun and Busy Day

Worked On Licensing Expo Stuff…

Also, in the middle of getting stuff ready for the licensing conference, we had a great but short visit with Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, two of our closest friends. They were just coming through town and we met them for coffee. I just saw Kevin and Rebecca a month ago at Writers of the Future, but it had been a while for Kris.

Kris and Kevin met as undergrads in college in Wisconsin and Kris was Kevin’s best man at his wedding to Rebecca. Kris introduced me to Kevin about four months after Kris and I met.

We were in a coffee shop full of people working focused on laptops. Who knew how many fiction writers were there sitting around us.

So wonderful fun. So here is a picture of my three favorite people and three great writers as well. More major bestselling books written by the three in this picture than you want to think about (or that the three of them can remember, to be honest. (grin))


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