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Free Lecture, Classic Workshop, and Workshop Discounts

Plus Some Fantastic Reading…

Kris has a new Diving novel coming out this fall. It is huge, meaning 260,000 words. And she wanted to get it to her fans ahead of time, so she is doing a Kickstarter project.

The name of the novel is THE RENEGAT. If you back the campaign at any level, you will get a copy of the book early, months before it comes out regularly.

Also, Kris did two really cool special books for this Kickstarter. She took all her deleted sections and pieces from both THE RENEGAT and other Diving novels, did some essays, and put them together. It takes up two books and you get those also for supporting the Diving Kickstarter at any level.

As writers, how cool will that be to see? (I haven’t even seen those two books yet.)

The campaign has already hit its first stretch goal, which means everyone supporting any level of any reward gets a brand new Diving Novella.

Lots of great rewards to support as well.

All kinds of ways to get all the Diving books in different forms, one reward with all the Retrieval Artist books in it, some lecture and workshop rewards to get credits, a lifetime subscription to the Study Along series so you can study with Kris when she does her Vegas craft workshops.

And even a way to get into six months of the Ask Kris Anything live webinars.

Plus now the campaign is only a thousand away from a second stretch goal. If it reaches that goal, everyone supporting any reward will not only get another wonderful novella from Kris, but also a choice of any lecture. That’s right, any supporter.

Third Stretch Goal…

And she has posted a third stretch goal. If the campaign reaches that third stretch goal, everyone who supported any reward will not only get the first two stretch rewards, but another Retrieval Artist novella, plus the choice of a Classic Workshop. That is a $150 Classic workshop.

It is going to be very possible to hit that third stretch goal.

And remember, if you want to buy workshop credits at a discount to use this summer or fall or whenever, you can get as many credits as you want through the Kickstarter.

So check it out. Really cool stuff and THE RENEGAT is an amazing novel.

So lots of great reading and for those of you who are interested in the writing, you get the lecture and classic workshop if the stretch goals get his. And if you are already a lifetime subscriber to either the lectures or the workshops, we will give you credit toward some other form of teaching through WMG Publishing.

The Diving Kickstarter Campaign