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Friday Night In The Fall…

So For Me That Means An Early Run in the Morning…

In fact, up at 6:30 am or so tomorrow, three or more hours before I normally get up. And tomorrow I am running a 10K (little over six miles) instead of my normal 5k runs.

Seems like all fall there are runs on the weekends. Great fun, actually.

My time goal is under 70 minutes, although I would love, love, love to get it under an hour. But got a hunch I will do a little too much walking to hit that. And I am still a little too heavy. We shall see how it goes. 70 minutes is the goal.

But nice thing about getting up that early is that after breakfast and a short nap, I get a lot done. Still have a bunch of challenge stories to catch up on. So reading tomorrow after running.

My first 10K of the fall. I am sure there will be pictures. Going to get a few hours sleep now.