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Four New Videos in Licensing Transition

Plus the Holiday Spectacular Funded…

It officially made two stretch goals on Kickstarter, but we also took money outside of Kickstarter this time because of Kickstarter’s political problems, and we ended up also hitting the third stretch goal in total. A complete success, better than we had hoped.

So everyone who supported the Holiday Spectacular will get all three stretch rewards, plus the reward they picked. Surveys going out next week.

And don’t worry if you missed out on the nifty idea of getting 35 holiday stories in 35 days, we will have a web page dedicated to that where you can get a subscription to the stories. Or buy the books. That will also be live late next week.

Licensing Transition…

Four videos about what I am thinking going into the Business Master Class. And what is in store for the next nine months of that class. (And yes, you can still sign up on Teachable.)