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First Run In 7 Hours…

The First 5K Run of the Season…

So I will be getting up five hours ahead of my normal time. Talk about jet lag. Yikes.

This run, the Vegas Strong 5K, starts down on Fremont Street,  goes up and down Las Vegas Blvd in the downtown area. A couple thousand people run it in honor of the horrid shooting here on October 1st 6 years ago.

This is the run I was aiming at starting back in June. I watched my calories and tried to increase milage, all without success. I lost no weight at all and I am not in good shape because of foot injuries and just flat too much other work to do.


Tomorrow will be the first day of the new training to get into shape to run first the half marathon in February and then if I am succeeding, a full marathon in April. (Yes, I do understand I am only 73. Kind of hope to win my age group in a few of these 5 and 10K charity runs.) Winter around here is a lot easier to exercise in and get steps. So still need to lose the same 20 pounds and get the legs and feet in shape.

So going to be up and out of bed in far too few hours of sleep. My stupid goal in this run is to stay ahead of Kris. I doubt I will, but going to try. Silly goal to start. She beat me every run last year. There will be pictures tomorrow and on Kris’s Facebook page. (Hopefully not pictures of me on the ground with people pouring bottles of water over me. Yes, that happened in my first Vegas Strong run six years ago. Stop laughing, it was not fun, but Kris does have pictures. (grin))

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