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That Was Very Interesting…


Everyone, for the feedback, both in the comments and in letters. Both Kris and I were surprised, to be honest. The desire for a depth-like workshop talking about information flow was across the board. And even the Magic Bakery had a lot of people wanting to take it.

Plus we got a bunch of other ideas for workshops. Some were on our lists like a Romance online workshop (very different from the intense craft Romance workshop Kris will do in Vegas next year). But one idea hadn’t occurred to us and that was a workshop about how to use tags.

Tags are one of the most powerful tools writers use and yet most writers use them by accident, if at all, while Stage Four pros use them purposefully. So duh, a workshop on how to use tags and use them correctly might be another depth-like workshop. Thank you for that.

Now have 12 workshop ideas on the list. That’s more than a year at least. (grin) (The one I am really looking forward to is Floating Viewpoint workshop. That will be a blast.)

So thank you, everyone, for the suggestions and feedback.

New July-October workshop schedule in two days. And yes, Information Flow and Magic Bakery will be on it. (grin) Both the two new workshops will be offered to start in July, August, and September. Then go to alternating months after that as we bring on new workshops in the fall.

Now I need to go get some sleep because I have two truckloads (not one, but two) of stuff moving from this house early in the morning.  Night.


  • Kenny

    Sign me up for any potential Tag workshop you do, Dean!

    I think I’m getting them now (after all the time you spent hammering them home). But 6 weeks of Tag goodness, well, yes please!

  • Amy Laurens

    ERMAGERSH I was literally contemplating sending you an email question about tags today. You mention them in so many of your workshops and I get the *shape* of what you’re talking about, but haven’t managed to connect that to specific understanding yet. A whole six weeks on them? I think I have died and gone to writing craft heaven :3